« My family, my valuable legacy »

« Sharing my family story without sharing my roots would make no sense. The deeper the roots are, the more fascinating the story becomes. Pierre-Gustave, Gaston, Adrien and Michel are, each in their own way, my roots. They have influenced the man and the accomplished winemaker I am. I got my beautiful mind and my big heart from them ».


The Fagot family

Pierre-Gustave Fagot used to be an innkeeper, wine merchant and winemaker. He was an inspiration and taught us the art of conviviality and Epicureanism.

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The Rousseau Family

19th century

Reputed and committed nurseryman, he played a major role in the fight against the grapevine's worst enemy: phylloxera. He marketed resistant American vine cuttings from the 20th century. As he also owned vineyards, he made the decision to produce his own Champagne, becoming one of the first “Récoltant-Manipulant”.

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Adrien Fagot

1898 - 1983

His passion for mechanics allowed him to participate in technological innovation for Champagne grape vines. Hyperactive, adventurer and man of honor, he was also a hero of the resistance.

Berthe Rousseau


Adrien Fagot married Berthe Rousseau with whom he had a lot in common (wine world and love of aviation).

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Michel Fagot

Michel Fagot

1924 - 2012

Vine expert and tireless worker, he used to be the Director of Vineyards at Mercier Champagne before taking over the family business to create his own brand. He set up a modern disgorging line, an unusual initiative at the time for an independent winemaker.

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Olivier Fagot

Olivier Fagot

In 1990 Michel Fagot handed over the reins to his passionate son Olivier. Since this time he has continued his father’s committed work and has aimed to give a strong identity to his wines, which are reflecting the pure expression of the terroirs.

He currently represents the 5th generation in his family. Just like his ancestors before him, Olivier Fagot is an agrologist and a grapevine nurseryman. He lives only for his vineyards and promotes his terroir with passion and conviction.
With his biodynamic approach, Olivier aims to develop healthy and natural wines. From early morning he is used to going to the vineyards to taste his grapes, to observe and ensure the healthy development of his plots and to adopt the pace of an inspiring nature.